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Monday, January 4

Missing Monday

Born in New York City, Hunter grew up in the East Village and became associated with a local skate crew that hung out near Tompkins Square Park. His uncommon skating power, raw speed and poise made him a standout. His first press appeared in 1989 in a Thrasher magazine photo essay photographed by Charlie Samuels about the New York City skateboard scene. He was a prominent member of a growing number of New York skateboard pros including: Jeff Pang, Steve Cales, Jeremy Henderson, Dave Ortiz, the Shut Skates crew and Joe Humeres. They skated at the Brooklyn Banks (a curved brick park adjacent to the Brooklyn Bridge offramp near Wall Street), Union Square, and Lafayette and Broadway.
As a skateboarder, Hunter was sponsored most notably by Zoo York. He also owned Rock Star Bearings Co. He skated goofy-footed ( which I do also ), and some of his favorite skateboarding tricks included the Backside Heel, 360 Ollie, Nollie Heel, Feeble Grind, and the Switch Crooked Grind.
Hunter was also featured in an episode of TLC show Miami Ink, in which he had an image of the World Trade Center with the words "New York City" and "Sk8 Or Die" tattooed on his arm. In a Later Episode after his death his former long time roommate had a Koi fish tattooed in his memory.
On February 17, 2006, Hunter was found dead from a heart attack in his Lower East Side apartment.
Actress Rosario Dawson posted a remembrance for Hunter at the Rockstar Bearings website. Harold Hunter's name is also remembered in dedication, tagged above the mini ramp of [KCDC] Skateshop in Brooklyn.


ELLE said...

this is a great missing monday...but i thought it was a heroin overdose, im almost positive it was...this aint fox news fresh, dont be tryin 2 hide shit up

(SEX)AVIER said...

wasnt he in the movie KIDS???

ELLE said...

yeah...he played himself

Xavier said...

he was actually funny in kids i liked him We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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