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Monday, April 6

21-7 Weekly Poll: Battle of the Brands

10. Deep reigns supreme! (45%)
This week we asked which is your favorite brand out of Supreme, Alife, & 10. Deep. It was a pretty close battle between Alife & 10. Deep. But a world famous store couldn't beat the certified cool that the tenth division offers the fellas, and equally the ladies. Not many know that their woman's line carries the same punch as their men's.

Now I did vote for Alife, (41%) 'cause I love the store, and there are good people that work there. Including our music blastin' Stalley. It's always a pleasant shop over at Rivington.

came in last with a sad 12%. Now for the most part, I love Supreme clothes. Mostly their hats, but the dudes there are straight assholes. On Thursday we were stopped at the door by a huge, bouncer type dude. There were people inside, it was about 2pm, but I asked "ummm, are you closed?" and he replied "na, we just don't want a lot of people in the store, you can go ahead though." Then why the fuck did you stop me? And there were, no lie, 6 people in the store. I counted. Dickheads. I mean some days they're mellow & whatever. They give stickers. lol.

Anyway, yay for 10. Deep! Get ya shop on with their super ill Spring collection, Nineteen Ninety-Now!

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Loniii said...

oh damn i voted for supreme, lol. i been there a few times. never been to alife.
out the ny loop.

Elle said...

lol i mean some days they'll mellow & whatever. They give stickers...ill add that 2 the post lol

Loniii said...

i want one.

Fresh 5 said...

i have wild irak and alife stickers...but SUPREME is my shit..i know they are ducks in there but i love the store mainly for the history..shit since early 90's wow..hate the the sb's iite!!

A-LI$T said...

i voted 10 deep, i dig them the most. We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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