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Tuesday, April 7

Call this shit a muthafuckin COMEBACK!

Cam's back, and he's coming back hard. He has some serious hits lined up- he ain't lettin his career go under again. So let's celebrate this great moment, with his recent singles,

This shit is a hit. The chorus is assssss (Cam's still saying some stupid shit) but the beat and flow is basically unstoppable! Bang this shit in the whip!
Cam'ron- Cookie & Applejuice

Now no one cant front on this one. This was a STRAIGHT hit, and still is! He doesn't want you to get it confused, Cam is still g'd up
Cam'ron- I Used to Get it in Ohio

When Cam debuted this shit, people went nuts- and loved it. It's not my favorite, but I fuck wit it.
Cam'ron- I Hate My Job


LoU vEgA!! a.K.A. yUnG pRoPaNe!! said...

kIlLa!!.. lemmE fInD oUt cAm is sTePpIn oUt!!.. nAh dAt cOokieS aNd aPplEjUiCe iS Is tOuGh... wAiT tIll summr hIt..juuuuuiice!!!

ELLE said...

cookies wit sum applejuice lmao...get em killa!
i missed that voice We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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