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Tuesday, April 14

It's raining men updated their Top 50 Male Models list.
I'm so happy with the list, because male models rarely get any highlight. I got the names to some of my favorite faces...and bodies ;) My latest obsession, Ashley Stymest ranked #12! Man do I love that boy. He makes my heart pitter patter.

Jump to see my favorite!

The links on their names are to their profiles. Enjoy all the sexy & fashionable testosterone. Imma go wipe myself down.

Salieu Jalloh ranked #45
Damn, he turns me on in the worst ways. He's just beautiful. I'm glad I finally know his name. Now I can stalk him with ease.

Pablo Contreras ranked #34
I never seen him before today, but he looks like a hispanic hottie, modeling for Givenchy s/s '09. I'm with it!

Jonatan Frenk
ranked #33
I dig him in the Gucci Spring ads. There's something about him that just intrigues me. He's beautiful.

Jeremy Young ranked #31
I love Burberry ads. And Jeremy makes them all the more better. He's gorgeous.

Travone Hill
ranked #20
This man is ridiculously sexy. He has been heating up the latest CK ads. And I love his name. Get it Travone!

Cole Mohr
ranked #14
I have spotted Cole's April May June tat everywhere! Fa' real, his face stays in my face. And boy, do I love that face. He is it. His modeling skills are intensely magnificent. And his personal style is on point.

Simon Nessman ranked #10
The most incredible lips in the world.
Hello Simon, I'm Elle and Simon says is my favorite game ;)

Josh Beech #8
Josh Beech is the shit. He is everywhere! with all those tats all over that sexy body. Yum

Jon Kortajarena #4
Ever since I spotted him in Tom Ford I been diggin' him. He has a great look & nasty skills. Jon K, you are the man...and then some.

*pics via various sites


A-LI$T said...

love em all! April May June is a great model. whats good with Pablo.. is he a special ed model?

Elle said...

lmao its part of the givenchy look...his polaroids are hot We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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