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Tuesday, April 7

lol Eminem is a fool

New Eminem video: We Made You

Eminem, always talking shit, and making us laugh. He gets on a lot of hollywood stars in his come back single.
He even urges Lindsay Lohan to leave Samantha Ronson. Ironically, they've broken up. Those of you into hollywood news, knows that Lindsay announced on her twitter that Samantha is a cheat. And confirmed from E! News is that Sam's fam is seeking a restraining order from Lindsay (after she tried to get into Charlotte Ronson's party the other night & security had to remove her) lmao. I just thought I'd slip all that in.



ELLE said...

i thought i'd be sadder if they ever broke up...but im not...E! news said Lindsay said she still loves sam...and feels alone with out her...thats sad.don't worry lindsay a-list & i are here 4 u

ELLE said...

oh...and i dont really like this song We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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