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Saturday, April 4

victim's law suit lost

Maria Besedina, 25, was sexually assaulted at a subway station back in 2005 and argued that MTA workers could have done more to help her. She filed a suit against the MTA & lost earlier this week. Queens Supreme Court Justice Kevin Kerrigan ruled earlier this week that the workers had taken "prompt and decisive action” when they called the command center to notify police.

Here's her story; Besedina said she was riding a train on June, 7, 2005, when another rider began touching her feet. He followed her off at a station stop and dragged her down a stairwell. "I held [the token booth clerk's] gaze for at least five seconds, yelling and screaming, 'Help! Help!'” she told the New York Daily News. "I saw him and I thought, 'Oh gosh, he's gonna see me, it's gonna be okay’ and – nothing." The conductor also witnessed the attack from the window of his train. She said her attacker held her over the tracks as he assaulted her. "I was just shaking and thinking that I was dead, I was as good as dead,” she said. By the time cops arrived 10 minutes later, the attacker escaped. Police have not arrested any suspects. Besedina said she still suffers from extreme anxiety and plans to appeal the judge’s ruling.

Is there no justice anymore? I've heard stories of people being assaulted in the subway and no one doing a thing. It scares the shit out of me. I ride the train alone everyday. How could an MTA worker see that and hesitate to help. Fucking bastards.

AOL has a photo gallery called News That Stunned Us. It's a sad reality our world. Read brief stories here.

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News Review said...

We hope that the attacker will soon be arrested so that Besedina could at least claim for justice and in order to prevent similar incident to happen again.. We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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