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Saturday, April 11

New Theophilus London!

A favorite of 21-7, Theophilus London is back with just one more reason to love and support the budding artist. This Charming Mixtape is filled with smooth eclectic tracks, fast tracks perfect for angry workouts, heavy House influences and some incredible samples from a few classic songs (including hits from Lauryn Hill and Whitney Houston). London furthers his collab history with buddy Jesse Boykins iii on a few tracks; always a good look. The seemingly chaotic production reflects his on-stage personality in the most authentic way--it's quirky, random and yet coordinated, spastic and FUN--much like the human mind itself, making for an excellent listen. His sound is one that reaches far beyond his Brooklyn stomping grounds--check him out on Myspace and support good music!

Download This Charming Mixtape here


A-LI$T said...

great mixtape! get hype ppl!

Backyard betty said...

Theo is the man!!

Loniii said...

I love this mixtape.
kinda played it out.
= x o0ops
ready for the next 1
and JB3 is my favorite.

MACK said...

anybody check out the charming man, on itunes?

BackPack said...

why is it so hard for me to do music with this guy!! geeesh loll

I <3 21-7

ELLE said...

we <3 u 2 backpack!

Fresh 5 said...

duke is have no HATE word for you 2day THEO!! We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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