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Friday, April 10

One2Watch: Rye Rye

Man I love Imeem, their home page always keeps me updated with the hottest new artist and music. I know I am probably late with this new female artist, but I spotted RyeRye yesterday. She is straight out of Baltimore. She is the first signed to M.I.A's music label, N.E.E.T. You know she is hot if MIA signed her. Her style of music is creative, fresh, and that new new. lol I can definitely bump to this. I love her song "Bang Bang f/ MIA". Crazy Crazy. More about RyeRye, peep her SXSW video.

Bang feat. M.I.A. - Rye Rye


ELLE said...

yea i been rockin wit rye rye 4 a bit now...her shake it 2 the ground track is my shit...and i luv her on the paper planes rmx...get it rye rye

Loniii said...

thanks for leaving me out elle.
= [
i digs rye rye.

ELLE said...

lol sorry...she only had a couple tracks out...i dunno if ill like wat else she has 2 offer....ill listen 2 the track u posted as soon as my computer stops being a little bitch

autumn said...

i love her! she looks just like my little cousin!

Loniii said...

k We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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