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Thursday, April 2

topshop nonstop

So everyone is riding Topshop's dick right now. I mean I think everyone who will be there has followed this brand for a while and so this is pretty serious. Some lucky girls got invited to a preview. I was reading Missbehave and they said Topshop will end the recession. Lol. Fa' real though new businesses is what is going to help the economy. This shop is going to be 4 floors high. With their basic & fabulous Topshop line, guest designer lines like Kate Moss & Jonathan Saunders. Plus Topshop Unique, Topshop Boutique, a shoe lounge!, and Topman. Topman looks fuckin' amazing. Plus more goodness. This store is going to make cake tomorrow! nitrolicious got some nice pics. And this was Lesley Arfin's post; The minute I walked in I felt like I was walking into that Willy Wonka room where there are big ass gummy bears on the trees and mushrooms made of whipped cream and shit. It was a magical kingdom full of feathered mini skirts, sequined hot pants, and slutty sundresses for as far as the eye can see. I went into panic mode.

I know this is how I'm going to feel, only cupcakes, no mushrooms. lol. I'm sad I'm going alone 'cause Domo's not going til later. When she gets there I'll be rushing on a long ass line probably. But I'll be bringing my big bag to help me carry all the shit I'll be grabbing. You will see some of this stuff in 21-7 soon. I'm tryin' to get this dress to ya left. I need.
If any of you are going, stop me if you see me. If I'm not running round sweatin' & shit. lol

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A-LI$T said...

aw buy me someting.. wishhh i was there We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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