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Wednesday, January 13

Earthquake hits Haiti

Devastation struck Haiti yesterday afternoon when an estimated level 7.0 earthquake shattered buildings as if they were glass in the nations capital of Port-au-Prince. The National Palace went down, and that only means worst for the surrounding buildings that are not as sturdy. My heart truly goes out the people of Haiti as the country is reflected so negatively in the media, and now this. One of the things I am hearing almost every five minutes watching the news, is that 80% of the country is below the poverty line. Currently, families are unable to reach each other, and resources in the country are low. The death toll is unknown and hundreds are said to be dead. Such a sad day on the island.

Learn more about how you could donate HERE, or simply text YELE to 501501 and a $5 donation will be given. JUMP for some more pics and video footage.


Loniiii said...

yeah this is crazy and said
my prayer goes out to all those!

Juskish said...

OH MY GOODNESS, they are saying around 100,000 people migh have died.

TERRIBLE! We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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