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Wednesday, April 8

Food Commercials OMFG!

Food Commercials are getting their games up. I wish Jack In The Box was on this coast.. that would be just amazing.. french toast sticks in the middle of the day... yum! And Burger King completely crossed the line talking about butts and kids meals at the same time. smh!

Jack In The Box

Burger King


BackPack said...

lmao at "do something about it"...and I'm upset we don't have jack in the box just because their commercial is funny lol

Loniii said...

I am obsessed with Burger King now, thanks to Puerto Rico, that is all i ate down there.
ps. i hate some yesterday, my favorite, cheesburger and fries, lol with a dr. pepper.mhmmmmz We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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