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Wednesday, April 1

new Dora

Popular children's character Dora the Explorer has gotten a tween make over. I think it's kind of sad that they would feel it necessary to make Dora over to look...commercially acceptable. Why does she need to have flowing hair, pink lips, and a baby doll top on? The original Dora has been a huge success...and is super cute. She doesn't look like anyone else. This new Dora however, looks so typical. So sad. And parents are not happy. Read this petition to stop the new Dora.

via highsnobette


A-LI$T said...

VERY inappropriate! mickey mouse never grew grey hair! characters stay the same! and what's stupider is the audience stays the same..toddlers watch dora... real life young teens are not going to WATCH dora the explorer just cuz she has some lipstick and itty bitty titties now

Backyard betty said...

Not feeling this one bit...This is gross

ELLE said...

lmao at a-list...word tho...they're fuckin stupid We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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