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Friday, March 13

do you want to be a selfish, inconsiderate fool

for the rest of your life, until you and all of New York City is 20 feet under water?
I don't think so. Seriously folks, we need to do all we can tell help our environment. Global Warning is a serious problem. There are so many billions of people, if everyone did their part, we could stop this shit.
Some scientists just got back from a meeting and studies are showing how bad climate change is getting. "They predicted a sea level rise of 7 to 23 inches by the end of the century, which could flood low-lying areas and force millions to flee. But more recent research suggested that melting glaciers and ice sheets could help push the sea level up at least 20 inches, and possibly as much as 39 inches, or about 1 meter."

Consider your carbon footprint in this world. It is very hard to go completely green, but it starts with small steps. Here are some small ones.

  • Unplug items not in use. If your phone charger isn't on the charger, unplug it, not using the dvd player, unplug it. It is so simple, so easy, and so helpful. Before I leave my house I unplug everything (except the cable box b.c it reboots & time warner said not to). Everyone in my household does this, and it even makes a difference in our electric bill. So you can help conserve the world's energy and your own.
  • Do not use a plastic bag if you don't need it. If you by a gallon of milk, and you live a couple blocks up, carry it, you do not need a bag for that, or any other single or small items you buy. When you do use plastic bags, keep them and reuse them.
  • Turn off the faucet! When you're brushing your teeth, turn it off, because the water isn't in use, so what's the point of it being on? Make sure faucets are completely off after washing your hands in public places. So many dumb bitches leave the faucet running in my school's bathrooms. That makes no sense, turn it off.
  • Stop littering. It is the saddest sight to see some one litter. Why would you throw garbage on the floor? It does not belong there. It makes our community look disgusting and it's ill mannered. Bums through shit on the floor, not sane human beings. Hold your garbage until you reach a can. Please
  • Reuse water bottles!
  • Put your computers/laptops on power save. It saves energy & helps your computer rest.
All of these actions are so simple and easy. All it takes is for you to take an extra few seconds in your life to think about something very important, about something bigger than you. Be considerate about what you're putting into this world. Remember you get out what you put in. When you start to do something everyday, it becomes a natural things to do. Plus, we're adults, we shouldn't behave as though we have no care in the world. And we should spread the word. If you see someone litter, tell them that they're an asshole if they don't go pick their garbage up and put it in a can.
For more tips on how to be greener, check this post I made last year for earth day.

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