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Friday, March 6

Electrik Red

I checked this group out a while back & loved the idea of them. But I wasn't sure about the music. But now I'm pretty sure they're on their way 2 being the shit. At least I hope so. Electrik Red consists of 4 beautiful ladies from NYC & Canada. They've all had careers as back up dancers, you may recognize Sarah from videos, mostly Ciara ones. Well their 1st single So Good is a hot one, and the video is playful, fun, & sexy. They seem to have the potential to be a modern day En Vogue. They got sass & their lyrics really represent the ladies of today, independent, fresh, & say whatever the fuck they want. R&B could use an all female group.
Check out Lesley, Binkie, Sarah, & Naomi, Electrik Red.


A-LI$T said...

sarah was in maaaddd videos, *most recently ciara ones. and she was a wild'n out girl too. i re seeing her everywhere! she was also in a venus (the razor) commercial

ELLE said...

yeah recognizing her is wat drew me 2 the group..she's hot...they all are We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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