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Thursday, March 5

Quest Crew Wins!

Quest Crew is America's Best Dance Crew!
Yo I really thought about which way this could go...
This was a great fucking show! Quest Crew definitely had it. They are the shit. But so where the Beat Freaks. ABDC showcased a show where they promoted that everyone's a winner. 'Cause they jerked them girls off! more

Them bitches were nasty. They praised them and they needed to be praised. Even Quest jocked them. They really both were winners. To me it played out as America is always playing it out, Boys vs Girls. Our society has always been the women battling the men. And the women and/with the men. It fit well, didn't it? Well I loved it. Quest Crew was fucking amazing, and yo they really were America's best hair crew lol. I never realized how crazy all their hair was. And damn, why they had to wear them jeans. smh (in their winning performance). Best yeah Quest Crew winning just made sense. In so many ways. The ladies always gotta get a slow journey to greatness. At least in "America's" eyes. But hey, we always make it to greatness :P Quest Crew though, they were crazy artists. All the groups were, but they were at another level. Like mastered performers. Congrats to both teams.

and the other group dances & show's music we'll talk about lata....check back for videos & shit.

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