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Wednesday, March 11

Soulja Boy- Turn My Swag On

This song is pure FIRE!!!! It has this catchy chorus that I love. Turn my Swag on!!!! When I hear this song I really get into it, jamming mad hard. lol Soulja Boy got a new fan.

"hopped up out da bed, turn ma swag on, took a look in da mirror said wassup,wassup yeeeeea im gettin money (oohhh) "~SB


LeiTxo said...

LMAO this dude is a joke. Video is dumb & everyone else' version of this song is better than Soulja Boy's. Even though Loso did his thing on this song, Jeezy took it to another level for me.

"Hopped up out the bed.. turned my scale on."


Loniii said...

coming at em' hard
i havent heard the other remixes, damn i am late. fawk
i do like the lil wayne 1.

A-LI$T said...

word this been my shit, i never heard the rmx's either Lonii.. were in the same boat

ELLE said...

wat up hater

this been my shit 2...i heard a couple rmxs...but i luv this 1 We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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