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Monday, March 9

Where's Waldo?



Loniii said...

ahahah i use to love checking these books out the library.
I found him too!
= ]

A-LI$T said...

omg, did anyone look for people other than waldo? like the bitch getting her clothes ripped off in the top right corner, or the lady with the cute dog in the bottom... mad chaos... i cant find waldo ;(

maybe thats why i pay attention to the rest hehe

LeiTxo said...

He's next to the first table on the upper left hand side.


ELLE said...

lol i found him quick in this 1...but word thats whats great about where's waldo pics...they've mad random shit

ELLE said...

& lmao at the woman gettin her clothes ripped off

tkaye's zi heart-tist said...

uhm all dese damn pple lo0k alike and ma vision is getting fucked up...

now a few things:

1) who da hell is waldo?
2) y is it dat all i see is colors..
3) i can neva be an detective cuz i kant neva find shyt
and 4) i fucking luv 21-7!!! We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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