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Wednesday, March 4

chris and rihanna engaged?

According to Star Magazine, over the weekend Chris apologized, begged for forgiveness and PROPOSED ON THE SPOT.

And of course, 'a source' reports that "All she's ever wanted was to be with him forever". Said source went on to mention some type of fairytale husband and kids deal before age 25. That shit still happens? I mean, yeah, two kids before 25? Easy. Married? Not so much.

I now grant permission for everyone to groan, whine and bitch about how angry they are that she even got back together with him, much less (supposedly) accept a marriage proposal.

I mean, we can all put on our feminist hats and be mad at Rihanna for getting back together with a man that hit her, and we can ostracize Chris for raising his hand on a woman, much less HIS woman. But what if he just, really fucked up and won't ever do it again? What if he does? (dun dun dun)

(via Jezebel)


ELLE said...

lol at the dun dun dun

i dont know how much i trust star....but celebrities do the dumbest shit & rihanna has proven 2 be a dumb bitch...i think ppl are tired of hearing about this b.c they're celebrities and they have loved them b4 all this happened...but seriously domestic violence is an issue constantly killing women in the us and i heard ppl on the train on chris' side...and its sad...ima just keep saying God bles them

mack said...

heres my thing:
we shouldnt write off chris because believe it or not, ppl make mistakes. i guess none of us will understand that until its our brother or friend who makes a stupid, and yet genuine, mistake. NO, we shouldnt give him some type of get out of jail free card, but as usual, there is likely a lot more to the story on BOTH sides that we are and will remain unaware of.

secondly, rihanna (i hope) has thought and will continue to think about her choices especially in relation to chris. i seriously doubt their "reunion" was as simplistic as the media has led us to believe.

the best we can do is hope that each learns something from this all, and uses it as a building block to constructing a better person than they were before.

i also agree with you elle- domestic violence hits much, much closer to home and on a more serious level, all the time. now we care because it involves some hollywood supercouple? thats a problem, and embarrassing. the news of this should inspire us to learn more about domestic violence on a local level, and begin to do all we can to protect and educate people about the issue. We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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