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Tuesday, February 10

21-7 Weekly Poll:

Which is your favorite Kanye West hit?

1st- 59% Through the Wire
2nd- 18% Can't Tell Me Nothing
3rd- 13% Stronger
4th (tie!)- 4% Diamonds F/ Sierra Leone and Jesus Walks
5th- 0% Love Lockdown

Kanye's very FIRST hit single won- "Through the Wire"- and with over HALF the votes! "Can't Tell Me Nothing" is in second place- this hit got my vote! It's so inspirational and fuckin hard! I'm surprised "Love Lockdown" got no love! But that shit is MAAAD played out by now! Thanks for your weekly votes... check the new poll!

1st Place

2nd Place


Loniii said...

through the wire is definitely my shit. that is when i first became a kanye fan i think, because i definitely did not have freshman adjustment or w/e else he had released, <3 !

ELLE said...

this song just does it for me...its special 4 sum reason, forever my shit We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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