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Wednesday, February 4

Atrocious: Moon Boots

When did Moon Boots ever go in style? Can we even consider these things style, they are hideous. The look like some boots cabbage patch dolls should be wearing. I am not sure what is worse these or Uggs, either way I dislike both. And Paris Hilton had the nerve to wear them to the Sundance Film Festival. She look like a complete fool but yet people are going to consider it the newest style, ugh NO! People at my school already walk around with these ugly things and I just scream to myself and shake my head.

*picture via shoeaholicsanonymous


ELLE said...

lmao...i actually do like moon boots, i think they're cute & well structured...buuut i do NOT think ppl shuld rock these as a trend...they're huge, wear em if ur goin skiing or sum shit...but no1 shuld where them on the streets

Loniii said...

they were them like uggs up here.
i hate both.

Loniii said...

wear* We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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