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Thursday, February 5

Blame it on the NUVO

Nuvo this and Nuvo that. I can't help but notice this name pop up in a ton of songs. I had to see what these rapper were talking about and tah-dah I found it. Nuvo is a sparking liqueur, born in Paris and was created so people can celebrate "Joie de vivire" or the joy of life. The bottle is very "enchanting" with it's distinctive pink colour. Hey I never tasted it but I heard it was good. Perfect drink for Valentine's Day. So get the ice and the champagne flutes out. HOLLA.

*For more on Nuvo check out their website.

"Imma take a shot of Nuvo, Shawty then you know, It's going down shawty we can go kick it like Judo " ~T-Pain/Blame It


(SEX)AVIER said...

yo blame it is me and my bromance partners song lol
im gonna go and try some nuvo now just because

Loniii said...

just because what?
you aint old enough.
it looks cool, to bad i dont drink, i woulda said send some this way.
= p

ELLE said...

nuvo is delicious! my gft brother huda handed me the bottle at 1 of our last parties & i just kept throwin it bak...its def for the ladies...yummy liquor We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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