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Friday, February 6

Elle UK

Gwyneth Paltrow covers Elle UK's March '09 issue.
In the interview she discusses people that don't like her. She says "Fuck the haters!"
Bad bitch. Wearing Dolce & Gabbana here. Jump for more excerpts & a pic from inside.

On the haters: “I saw this blog of people writing horrible things about me. And, you know, for a second you lose perspective and your ego is so wounded. You think, how could people hate me or hate my intentions or what I’m trying to do? I’m a good person and I’m trying to put good things into the world,

I am who I am. I can’t pretend to be somebody who makes £15,000 a year. That would be completely inauthentic. I know what my intention [with her email newsletter Goop] is – and if it makes one person’s life better, then it’s worth it. And fuck the haters!

On her marriage to Coldplay’s Chris Martin:
"It doesn’t behoove us to be a public couple. He certainly doesn’t want to be that. So it’s just better if we don’t – I mean, we’ve never ever walked down a red carpet together, we never will. If people think that that means we’re not together, then – ha ha ha! – so be it.”



*via Just Jared

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