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Monday, February 9

More Grammy performances

So yeah I enjoyed these performances. I loved The Jonas Brothers with Stevie Wonder performance. Two great songs, Burning Up & Superstitious. Jennifer Hudson received a standing ovation with her tearful performance, I actually kinda liked Miley Cyrus & Taylor Swift singing Fifteen. Katy Perry is my bitch, we already know. I love her stage, her cute outfit, her jumping around in her glittery ballet flats, etc. I loved Radiohead's performance. 15 Steps is a great song, all the instruments were great, & I love Thom Yorke's performance. Coldplay with Jay-Z, that says it all. Sugarland performed with Adele, and I've never heard of Sugarland before last night, but their lead singer Jennifer Nettles can sing her ass off. I really liked her voice. Justin Timberlake & Al Green was fun. Let's Stay is a classic. And you saw the Swagger Like Us performance below. Kanye West & Estelle's performance was cool, but I digged his intro to the Best New Artist award, it was so Kanye & his sparkling blazer was fyyyya!
Jump for all these performances

Radiohead - 15 Steps (the video is a bit some of the others...but at least listen to this song. amazing!)

Jennifer Hudson (you go girl!!!)

ColdPlay & Jay-Z - Lost & Viva La Vida

Miley Cyrus & Taylor Swift - Fifteen (why does Miley have to call everybody her best friend..smh she urks me)

Justin Timberlake & Al Green - Let's Stay Together

Sugarland - Stay & Adele - Chasing Pavements

Kanye West & Estelle - American Boy

Katy Perry - I kissed a girl...I love that she comes out of a giant banana lol


Loniii said...

i just wish jen hudson would do something with her damn hair, that bothers me, its always sooo plain.
but i loved that radiohead song.goodshit.
ye is the man.

Anonymous said...

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