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Tuesday, February 10

new at Steve Madden


Remember when I showed you guys these Sigerson Morrison sandals? I said Steve Madden would have their imitations in soon, and that they do. I put 'em side by side in this pic for you. The Steve shoes are obviously inspired by the Morrison, but still stand on their own. I love these. I want! The variety of studs adds that extra pizazz. They're $149.99 though. Great compared to the $670 Morrisons, but pricey for the pockets during a recession. I went into the Steven by Steve Madden store to window shop (aka depress myself) and their new shit is off the hook. They have the most b-e-a-utiful platforms. For fucking $400! WTF. Um Barney's has YSL, Prada, Chloe & more designer shoes on sale for about $400. Why spend that on Steve Madden. But they are bangin'. Happy shoe shopping ladies....If you can ;)

1 comment:

Loniii said...

i love the steve madden ones way better. We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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