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Thursday, February 12

Graveyard found in Mexico City

Some archeologists found a massive funeral complex in Mexico City. It was in area that was once a political & religious area for Aztec Indians. 49 bodies were found & they expect to find more. They believe they date back to the mid 1500's. And were caused by a Spanish conquest that killed millions.

I think it's so crazy that we are aware of shit that even happened so far ago. I think it's even crazier that we're constantly discovering something from so far ago. They'll always be something to discover because we've existed for so long. Like treasure hunters, it's not a dependable job, but you know how much treasure is buried under the water. When boats traveling with gold & jewelry where taken under from storms & shit. Granted tons of sand is covering it but it's there. As are communities...taken under from tsunamis & shit. It's crazy how the world has grown to live for 21 centuries. As much as history is boring, it's extremely fascinating too.

*source: AOL

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