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Thursday, February 5

Hilary Duff for DKNY Jeans

reports that Hilary Duff will be the next celebrity to design a collection for DKNY Jeans called Femme. I have always liked Hilary Duff because she has always been age-appropriate (unlike other Disney stars). The sketches are on grossly skinny figures, but the designs look promising. I can't tell for sure if this collection will be a Yay or Nay, but either way I'm looking for to seeing it.
They descirbed the line as "feminine but tough all at the same time. It’s aggressive, but in a good way"

Hilary said; “There is truly something in this line for every girl whose styles change every day, like mine does,” I'm with that, my shit is always on the move.

for sketch pics.

(click to enlarge)

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