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Sunday, February 8

my dog went on vacation today.

Cha Cha left for a vacation today. My parents, went on a vacation with some of my fam in Boston (Lonii! lol) They took Cha Cha. Doesn't she look mad cute in her baby pink puffer & AA tee. And how come she gets to go on vacation before me.



Loniii said...

she is to0o cute
why didnt you come to boston???
ahhhhh i miss you.

ELLE said...

skool & wrk. life :(

Loniii said...

lolllll,awww shucks.i hear that.
i shall see you soon.or maybe cha cha on the mean streets of boston, lol.

Kay said...

awww cutie!! i named my bestey johnson bag cha cha lmaoo

ELLE said...

lmao that doesnt even make sense

A-LI$T said...


Fresh 5 said...

wait till i get snoop on that azz!!! We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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