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Sunday, February 8

Chris Brown & Rihanna missing the Grammy's

E! News just reported live from the red carpet that an incident/fight occured with a girl after a Grammy's party & Chris Brown is a suspect & under investigation. Their people have announced that Rihanna & Chris Brown will no longer be attending tonight's Grammy Awards. Chris Brown & Rihanna were both suppose to perform. They might replace Chris with Justin Timberlake or Al Green. A lot of us were looking forward to Rihanna performing. No more word on what happened yet. The charge is felony battery. But to make it clear, Chris Brown has not been arrested, he is under investigation. No mention of Rihanna having any involvement. I'm assuming she's just staying by her man. Fans are disappointed and the Grammy people are in a frenzy to trying find replacements. Hollywood craziness huh?

*I read this...i'm anxious to hear his side


Loniii said...

im glad ri ri aint performing, her live performances are TERRIBLE.but chris brown, i hope all is well.
yay grammys are on now!!!

ELLE said...

lol she sounds bad in her performances but they still b hot...esp her outfits

A-LI$T said...

WHAT! rhianna is the SHIT in her performances! thats the only reason we started liking her music like that... glow in the dark concert.. re elle? We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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